ViaCab Taxis In Norwich


 About The Drivers



We are a team of reliable, friendly taxi drivers in Norwich who always get you where you need to be on time. We take pride in our work. There’s nothing better for us than working to serve the people of Norwich. To be a good cab driver you have to love it!

How We Started

ViaCab was founded by a local cab driver who wanted to bring the convenience, comfort and reliability of the black cab to the people of Norwich.

Some traditions are worth holding on to, and the black cab has been a trusted source of transportation since the 1500’s. The main difference is now we use engines instead of horses!






Why Our Taxis In Norwich Are Great



Taxis near me. Taxis in Norwich. Knowledge test.

Knowledge Of The Roads

“The Knowledge” test is not only for the roads of London. There’s the knowledge of Norwich too. Every one of our drivers has the knowledge, they’ve passed their test, and can tell you everything you need to know about the Norwich area.

Taxis near me. Taxis in Norwich. Carry up to 7 people.

Carry Up To 7 Passengers

Black cabs are built to carry plenty of people. Let us know how many need transporting, and we can carry up to seven passengers. If you need an eighth, we regret to inform you that we can’t strap anyone to the roof!

Taxis near me. Taxis in Norwich. Black Cabs accept credit cards.

Credit Cards Accepted (No AmEx)

No cash? That’s fine. We accept credit card payments to make things fast and easy.

We have nothing against American Express, by the way. It’s just to do with our payment processing system!


Taxis near me. Taxis in Norwich. Black cabs fully insured.

Fully Insured

Our drivers and taxis in Norwich are all fully insured. We have all the paperwork taken care of so you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Taxis Norwich. Taxis near me. Black Cabs DBS checked.

Safety Checked

In the modern age, you can’t always be sure who you can trust behind the wheel. Are they safe? Are they qualified? Are they insured?

With ViaCab, all of our drivers undergo thorough safety checks to ensure there is no criminal activity on their records.

Taxis near me. Taxis Norwich. Black cabs child booster seat.

All Taxis Have A Child Booster Seat.

A booster seat for a young one in a taxi, and more available on request. We are always happy to accommodate any needs you have while using our services – just let us know.


Taxis Norwich. Taxis near me. Black Cabs care for customers.

Customer Care

We care about everyone in our taxis. Our drivers are fully licensed and qualified, fully insured and also trained to work with vulnerable adults and children. We want to make sure you have a good day. That includes us being reliable, on time, and always being open to help you in any way we can.

If you have any questions about Norwich, just ask us!

Taxis Norwich. Taxis near me. Black cabs wheelchair accessible.

All Vehicles Are Wheelchair Accessible

This is one of the beauties of the black cab. You don’t have to arrange a special vehicle or worry about the right one turning up. All of our black cabs in Norwich are already wheelchair accessible, and our drivers are trained to assist in the boarding of anyone in a wheelchair. ViaCab has got you covered!

Taxis Norwich. Taxis near me. Black cabs licensed by Norwich City.

Officially Governed By Norwich City Council

We make ourselves accountable for everything we do. If anyone has any complaints about our taxis in Norwich – how we drive, where we park, how we treat people – then we have to answer to the council. They wouldn’t allow us to function if we weren’t trustworthy.

Luckily we are a friendly, reliable bunch of cab drivers who love the city and people of Norwich!